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On Writing: Amulet and Elixir

I have always been a fan of Joseph Campbell, one of America’s most important thinkers and a prolific writer who has influenced generations with his philosophy. His ideas of the hero struck a chord after I read The Hero with a Thousand Faces and I could see them represented in many of my favorite movies, television shows, books, and fairy tales.

No matter how strong the hero is, however, he or she is given help, usually in the form of some protective figure like the fairy godmother in many fairy tales. In addition to providing the hero with guidance and help, the protective figure often gives the hero a very powerful tool, the amulet or the elixir.

Examples of this abound in fiction, but they exist in real life as well. On April 15th, after the tragedy in Boston, NBC Sports reported that runners donated blood. They ran another 2 miles to the nearest hospital (on top of the 26 miles of the marathon) to provide this life-saving elixir to their friends and neighbors. Their selfless actions will help those injured to recover. To me, the runners exemplify the protective figures that every hero needs in his/her life.

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On Writing: Spring

ImageUsually when spring appears it does help to generate story ideas.  It may be cliché, but the ideas of renewal and rebirth have been an inspiration to me for many years.

Interestingly enough, today (April 10th) South Dakota received over 28 inches of snow.  In the Mid-West we had thunderstorms, ice storms, and are expecting snow later today from that same storm system moving across the country.  Since we already “summarized” the snow blower, the hope is that the snow melts soon!

This is a different type of inspiration to say the least, and I have already formulated a few ideas for short stories revolving around these extreme spring storms.  I will let you all know if these ideas come to fruition.

I had planned to post some pictures from the garden, but that will have to wait.  Until then, enjoy this picture of my friend’s garden from last year.  She is very fortunate to have a water feature in her backyard!


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“Going Home” out in June Penumbra

My story, “Going Home,” will be published in the June, 2013 HG Wells themed issue of Penumbra.

Along with being influenced by HG Wells, there are definite Victorian and Steampunk elements to the story.

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