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On Writing: Twitter Fiction

Glass Slipper

I do not have a Twitter account yet, but a friend of mine shared some Twitter fiction with me. I really like the minimalist ideas here: getting right to the core of the story in 140 characters or less.
So I thought I would share my first attempt. I have been reading (and writing) a lot of fairy tales recently, so this seemed like a natural place to start. This was fun to write. I hope that you all enjoy!

Cinderella: The Day After
He’s really not as handsome in the broad daylight so I think I’ll pretend the shoe fits too tight.

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“The World in Front of Me” out in August Penumbra

My story, “The World in Front of Me,” will be published in the August, 2013 revolution themed issue of Penumbra.

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On Writing: Everyone You Meet

Madeline Island

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

This quotation from Bill Nye resonates with me. It lets me look at everyone like a teacher and lets me know that I have something to offer to everyone I meet.

I don’t think that this needs to be a physical meeting; people don’t need to meet in person to exchange information/ideas/knowledge. We can meet here in virtual space and, with the power of the written word, teach each other something. What we learn really depends upon the individuals . . .

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