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The Caelimane Operation

The Caelimane Operation Southwatch is a steampunk city divided: the rich live in the luxurious airships of the Aerie, while the poor eke out an existence in the pollution-choked streets below. From one extreme to another, idealistic professors, devious aristocrats, mechanicals and fae all struggle for the future […]

Heart&Mind (2)

Heart & Mind

My short story, “Heart & Mind,” is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Story Synopsis: A princess with hair as golden as a sunflower and eyes as green as apples was blessed from birth to have beauty and power and to marry a prince on her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately […]

Going Home

“Going Home” Named to Tangent Online’s Recommended Reads

I am very pleased to announce that “Going Home,” published in the June, 2013 issue of Penumbra, has been named to Tangent Online’s Recommended Reads list for 2013! Available for purchase at the following:


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