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A Question of Copyright


This is an interesting article about copyright and the public domain.

The issue in summary–a crested black macaque came across David Slater’s photography equipment in the field and, while examining his reflection in the lens, snapped some pictures of himself. Wikipedia placed these photographs online in one of their entries.

David Slater requested the pictures be removed from Wikipedia. He claims the pictures belong to him because they were taken with his camera equipment.

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, refuses to remove the pictures because it is the work of a non-human animal and therefore has no human author to claim copyright.

I do find this to be a strange argument on the part of Wikipedia. If Slater holds the copyrights to these images, they should not be used without his permission. Whether he actually snapped the picture or not, the copyright laws protect the owner of the images. The owner does not need to be the author.

What do you think about these issues? Let me know in the comments below.

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Celebrate The Beauty of our Country

I hope that you are enjoying this Independence Day with your family and friends! I hope that you also get some time to go and explore the wonderful natural areas our country has to offer. The astonishing beauty of our national landscape is, to me, as spectacular as any fireworks display.

Camera 067

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Mariah E. Wilson Cover Reveal

WalkAlonefront (1)
Mariah E. Wilson is releasing We Walk Alone, a book of poems about the journey we take in our heads. It’s about the struggle to connect with people and the world around us. It is published by Writers AMuse Me Publishing.

I enjoy helping my fellow authors get the word out about their publications and I wish Mariah the best of fortune with her new work!


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Inspirations in Nature

Whenever I take a walk in the forest it refreshes my spirit. I come back to my writing with a new sense of purpose.


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A GI Joe Style Tribute to a Young Cancer Survivor

I am not associated with this parent or video, but I do know a family with a child who suffered from neuroblastoma cancer. My friend’s child is now a teenager and suffers from hearing loss and other issues, but she is cancer free. She is also looking forward to getting her learner’s permit to drive in a few months and is starting to look into college programs.

I think it was a nice gesture by Mary McDonald Lewis and Bill Ratner to narrate the video. I hope it brings attention to neuroblastoma and the wonderful organizations that are working toward eliminating it.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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May 11, 2014 · 2:37 am

The History of English Tea and Regency Era Cooking


One thing I am very good at is being a reader. I can read, ignoring all other distractions, for hours, days, (perhaps given the opportunity) months, or years.  (If only someone would pay me well for this skill.  Professional reader of fiction—this job has a ring to it.) This reading is what made me aspire to be a writer.

One aspect that I enjoy about being a writer is exploring different cultures and times.  This requires research, and while it is not fiction reading, it is still something that I enjoy. When I write about specific times/places, I research the culture, the habits of its people, and the rules of the different levels of society.

I have recently been researching the history and customs of tea in England for a project I hope to start soon.  The most surprising fact for me is that the tradition of tea drinking did not start until 1662 when King Charles II ruled England. 

The nicest aspect of this research are all of the recipes that I discovered.  My family and I will be trying them over the next several months with a few modifications for modern cooking.

The following web sites I have found to be very helpful:



This website provides a lot of information on the traditions surrounding tea time.

Of course, it is helpful to know how people were expected to behave at these meals.

This also provides a bevy of recipes for anyone wanting to host a Regency era dinner party.  (I plan on doing this themed-party someday—hopefully this fall.  I need time to practice with the recipes.)


The Literary Detectives

This website discusses the history of tea time as well.


The Historic Cakes of Spitalfields

This has some interesting recipes for baked goods.

I hope you enjoy!



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Happy Easter!


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April 20, 2014 · 6:35 am

Cute Bunny-Themed Idea for Kids

A friend of mine sent this picture via email. She is going to decorate her daughters’ nails (10 and 8 years old) with this pattern for Easter.


I am not sure where the original design is from–but it is a cute picture and the kids are excited! I think it would be nice for some adults I know as well. :-)

(If anyone knows where the original idea started–please tell me and I will give the photographer/designer credit.)

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Seeing Clearly

Milwaukee Art Museum

This is an art installation piece at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Most people assume that it is a piece of coral or some sort of crystal sculpture, but if you look closely, you will see the reality:


It is made out of stacked buttons.

For me–this is a wonderful example of how distance changes perspective. Sometimes we need to be close to a subject to see it clearly.

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