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5 Minutes with Brita Addams

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I recently attended the Musa Publishing 3 Year Anniversary Celebration and met several of my fellow Musa authors.  Brita Addams was one of the authors who generously agreed to be interviewed for one of my 5 Minute Interviews.  I hope you all enjoy learning more about Brita and her work!


5 Minutes with Brita Addams

This is a chance to learn a bit more about Brita Addams whose novel, Thornhill’s Dilemma, will be published November 7th at Musa Publishing.

Website: britaaddams.net

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BritaAddams 

About the Author

I started writing . . . I’ve written all my life, or from about 6th grade. I didn’t however, write from publication until five years ago. In between, my husband and I raised our family, during which time, I’d have never found the time to write.

What I love most about writing . . . I have a creative mind, exercised over the years through flower arranging, cross-stitch, macramé, crocheting and knitting, scrapbooking, and genealogy. Writing affords me unlimited creation.

The toughest thing about writing . . . at the risk of sounding glib, the toughest thing is writing for me is the blurb, tagline, and coming up with a title. I love the story building, but the other stuff is difficult for me.

The writer I most admire . . . I love Phillipa Gregory’s work. She combines real historical figures with her own stories, something I love. I also love Mary Balogh and Lisa Kleypas’ historicals.

My lifelong hero . . . this is easy. My hero is and always has been my husband. When we met, I had two children and he had none. He and I dated for four years and after we married, he adopted my daughter, would have adopted my son if my son had wanted him to, and then we had a child together. She was born with a severe disability, and together with our other children, we raised her. Clint supported us all so I could be home with the kids. To them, he is Dad, never stepdad, ever. He’s deserving of our love and admiration, and for all of us, he is a hero.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be . . . a very bored human being, and I never use the word bored. I have to exercise my mind. I can’t conceive of a day that I don’t either write or plot a new story.

Other than writing, I am really good at . . . genealogy. I’ve traced my family back many, many generations, have lectured on cruise ships about genealogical research, and have conducted more interviews with “distant relatives,” than I care to think about. I’ve tramped through old cemeteries, been shoulder high in documents in dusty town hall basements, and taken thousands of pictures of gravestones. There isn’t anything about genealogy I don’t love.

When I am writing, I listen to . . . absolute silence. I am too easily distracted by music and TV.

Favorite Novels: Simply Love by Mary Balogh. Hands down one of the best romance novels I’ve ever read. Any of Phillipa Gregory’s works. I love them all. You can’t beat Jane Austen, particularly Pride and Prejudice. I read tons of research books, as I write historical fiction and thoroughly research every aspect of my stories.

Favorite Movies: I love old movies – Gone with the Wind is my favorite.

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, and more modern day Channing Tatum, Jason Stratham, Sean Connery, Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman. I don’t have favorite modern actresses. I do love a couple of older, unfortunately dead actresses – Irene Dunne and Vivian Leigh are favorites.

Favorite Foods: My husband’s gumbo – either chicken or seafood, and his potato salad.

Modern convenience I can’t live without: I live in Southern Louisiana so the answer to that is air conditioning.

Nobody knows that I . . . No one knows that and no one ever will. :-)

I wish I could stop . . . Serious note: I wish I could stop the progression of my husband’s Parkinson’s Disease. I’ve never felt so helpless in my life.

Advice to aspiring authors:

Learn what passive voice and filters are and how to write without them. Both make manuscripts clunky and distance readers from the action.

Never think you know everything about writing—we never do.

Follow your editor’s lead, but ask questions. Never stop learning. Editors don’t want to destroy your author voice, but they do want to help you produce the best book possible. Obstinacy about correcting mistakes gets you nowhere.

Understand and fix passive voice. The difference in your writing is night and day. Discover the newbie mistakes and don’t make them – use of began or started (I began to read a book. Instead of: I read a book,) intensifiers like very, so, really and tons of others, filters (he felt his heart beat, instead of – his heart beat. Of course it did and if he didn’t, who did?,) and showing vs. telling, and never use the word literally unless you mean literally. We see this all the time. “I’m literally tearing my hair out of my head.” No, not literally. Oh, yeah, and never, no matter what, use the word basically.

If you can conquer these few things, you’re on your way to better writing, happier readers, and quality prose.

Study. Read. Practice.

Thornhill’s Dilemma is the third book in my Sapphire Club series, now available for presale at Musa Publishing.


Staid Phillip Allard, the Duke of Thornhill, and Alexander Chilton, a man of voracious sexual tastes, enjoy a long-standing relationship that satisfies them both,

until a young debutante inadvertently involves Phillip in her defiant quest.

Lady Hope is curious and accepting, but although Phillip cares for her, he can never love her as she wishes. When tragedy occurs, guilt leaves Phillip lost and numb.

Will he find his way back to Alex, or has he burned the one bridge that matters most?


This book contains a couple of menage scenes, M/F/M. It also contains spanking, voyeurism, and sexual activity between two men.

Thornhill’s Dilemma will release on November 7th, but is available for presale on Musa Publishing.


My Amazon author page

About Brita Addams:

Brita lite logo1

Born in a small town in upstate New York, Brita Addams has made her home in the sultry south for many years. In the Frog Capital of the World, Brita shares her home with her real-life hero—her husband, and a fat cat named Stormee. All their children are grown.

Given her love of history, Brita writes both het and gay historical romance. Many of her historicals have appeared on category bestseller lists at various online retailers.

Musa Publishing has contracted many of Brita’s historical romances, including the rewritten and expanded, best-selling Sapphire Club series.

Tarnished Gold, the first in her gay romance Tarnished series for Dreamspinner Press, was a winner in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, Historical Romance category. The book also received nominations for Best Historical and Best Book of 2013 from the readers of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group.

A bit of trivia—Brita pronounces her name, Bree-ta, and not Brit-a, like the famous water filter. Brita Addams is a mash-up of her real middle name and her husband’s middle name, with an additional d and s.

Readers can find more information about Brita Addams at any of the following places:

Website/Blog  Twitter Facebook

Fan page  Pinterest


Monthly column at The Novel Approach

And the Rest is History WON Radio/Blog Talk Radio shows


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Guest Blog Post At Musa


Musa Publishing shared a blog post of mine.  You can find it at http://musapublishing.blogspot.com/2014/10/congratulations-musa.html


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Milo James Fowler Cover Reveal


Yakuza Territory


 Yakuza Territory by Milo James Fowler will be available November 7, 2014 from Musa Publishing.       Website    Facebook Amazon    Twitter


A detective with no way out.  A telepath with something to prove…

Struggling to survive the night, one private eye must rely on his wits to solve a mystery where he’s outnumbered, outgunned, and trapped inside a police station with a soulless killing machine.


I enjoy helping my fellow authors get the word out about their publications and I wish Milo the best of fortune with his new work!




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6 Paperback Books
Baiting the Hook by Mary Palmer & David Wilton
Brothers in Crime by KM Rockwood
Legends of the Timekeepers by Sharon Ledwith
Indian Shirt Story by Heather Lockman
Pantheon by Josh Strnad
Windy City Heat by Remi Hunter
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Cairo in White by Kelly Ann Jacobson
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Windy City Heat by Remi Hunter
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5 Paperback Books
Cairo in White by Kelly Ann Jacobson
Chasing Athens by Marissa Tejada
First Frost by Liz DeJesus
Who Wacked Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf
Windy City Heat by Remi Hunter
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No particular order to the daily drawings for the books below

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Chasra: The Homecoming by Joanne Hirase

Drowning Cactus by Carrie Russell
To Catch A Fish by Mary Pamer & David Wilton
Lies in Wait by Donna Del Oro

Question of Time by Mary S. Palmer
Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus
The Andersen Ancestry by Addie J. King

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Winners who reside outside the Continental United States will receive their prize in e-book format.
All prizes must be claimed by October 20, 2014 or they are forfeited. Prizes will be shipped October 22, 2014.

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5 Minutes with Eric Juneau



I am debuting a new feature on my blog today–author interviews.  Enjoy!  Chris

 5 Minutes with Eric Juneau

This is a chance to learn a bit more about Eric Juneau, whose novel, Merm-8, has been published by Musa.

Eric Juneau

Website: http://author-quest.blogspot.com   Twitter: @theWallflower00

I started writing . . . I had three separate buttkicks into writing. When I was a kid, five or six, I would write stories on computer paper. I would draw the pictures, then I would have my dad transcribe what I wrote, since my penmanship wasn’t that great. Most of them had to do with Snoopy or E.T., my interests at the time.

My second movement occurred thanks to AOL, circa 1995. I was a big fan of Star Trek and video games, especially Mortal Kombat. But where AOL’s Star Trek fan fiction archive was extensive and diverse, the video game boards were not. Somewhere in my despondence, a thought came to me: if no one else is writing Mortal Kombat stories, maybe I can! And the best part is, since there’s no one else, I’ll automatically be the prime and best producer. That led me into the world of fan fiction.

The third epiphany came a few years after graduating from college. When I was bored at work, I would read e-versions of Stephen King novels. They had such an informal style with down-to-earth characters. Accessible, easy to read, and highly entertaining, I suddenly realized “hey, I can write like this.” Suddenly, getting a book published didn’t seem like a lofty career reserved for Faulkners and Steinbecks.

What I love most about writing . . .The plotting. When the writing is really going well, when characters fight the obstacles I put in front of them and grow stronger, when I know a plot twist is going to hit the audience right between the eyes, that’s beautiful. It’s a brief fleeting moment, but in that moment, I feel like a Creator of Worlds.

The toughest thing about writing . . . A perfect idea only stays perfect while in your mind. The moment you make it concrete, it ceases to be perfect. But you also can’t share it with anyone. Every creative act loses something in the translation from cognition to canvas, and I hate that heat loss. But it’s inevitable. When I flesh out plots, the spark of magic fades, but in it’s place is forged steel. And it’s the job of a writer to remake that steel as strong as possible.

The writer I most admire . . . I hate to say it but Stephen King. He was my first idol for writing. Just his productivity alone is amazing. I’m not fond of his style — too much overwriting, too much metaphor and metaphysics — but he went from rags to riches by harnessing fear and turning it into entertainment.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be . . . Playing lots and lots of video games, and basically just being an all-consuming, unproductive schlump.

When I am writing, I listen to . . . I try not to listen to lyrical music. That tends to distract me. Mostly I listen to movie scores or ambient music related to the setting I’m writing in at the moment? Does it help me? I don’t know. But it keeps me focused.

Favorite Novels:

-The Darkness and the Light by Peter David

-The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

-World War Z by Max Brooks

-Wren’s Quest by Sherwood Smith

-The Dark Tower Saga by Stephen King

-Tigerheart by Peter David

-Jumper by Steven Gould

-The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

-The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

-Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

-Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

-Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

-The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

-The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl by Barry Lyga

-Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

-Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Favorite Movies:

-Short Circuit

-The Evil Dead

-The Lord of the Rings trilogy


-Back to the Future


-Donnie Darko

-The Dark Knight

-Dark City

Modern convenience I can’t live without:

A laptop — the all purpose device. And I can’t type a novel on an iPod.

I wish I could stop . . . Playing Frozen Free Fall on my iPod. I’m up to level 192, and I’m determined to finish this game without paying one red cent for it.

Best advice I’ve received:

Writing is not an occupation, it’s a compulsion.

Worst advice I’ve received:

I’ve heard too many people try and say what works for them, and preach it as gospel. One guy who earned my particular ire said “don’t revise, because otherwise you’re just polishing a turd. Rewriting is not writing. Take your finished novel and mail it out”. Yeah, maybe the geniuses can write without much revising, but that’s why they’re geniuses. Since then, I now take all writing advice as “this is what works for me, I’m going to talk about it in case it could work for you”.

Advice to aspiring authors:

Stories are not real life, stories are pieces of morality made entertaining. Don’t write what you know, write what you want to read. Write what you think should be written. Fill in the gaps in the bookshelf. And finish what you write.

And now a bit about MERM-8:


Gene is a rogue-for-hire, using his one-man ship to make a decent living on the flooded Earth. His AI companion, Stitch, does most of the work of their salvage and smuggling jobs. Life is good.

Until a mermaid crawls into his ship’s exhaust port.

Now everyone wants to know what this fantasy creature is doing on a dying planet. Gene has to choose between protecting her and keeping himself safe.



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On Writing: Photo Inspirations



I spent the week working on the first round of copy editing for my novel, The Caelimane Operation.  It is now back in the hands of my editor, Damien, at Musa.  I cannot wait for January and publication!

I though I would share some more photographs with you.  We are experiencing unusually warm weather in the MidWestern United States for the Fall season.  I do want to spend extra time outside, but manage to curtail my forays so that I can keep writing!

I took these photographs a few weeks ago.  I hope that you all enjoy them and they inspire you to keep writing.



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On Writing: What I Listen to When Writing

I first heard Brandi Carlile’s “Dreams” on Samantha Brown’s Girl Meets World series. The lyrics speak of going after your dreams–something which is very much a theme for me this week. (See my prior post for more information: http://chrispavesic.com/2014/05/18/first-novel-to-be-published-with-musa-publishing/ )

As always–I hope the music inspires you to write.


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