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First Novel to be Published with Musa Publishing

Book with Heart

Musa Publishing has accepted my manuscript. I signed the contract on Friday.

It looks like the novel will be released sometime in October of this year.

I will provide more details as they become available.

I am very happy and I want to thank everyone who has provided me support and encouragement over the years—especially my fellow authors. The people I have met through WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter have been wonderful. I am really glad that I discovered the #amwriting group; reading the posts there about both the tribulations and successes of other authors is inspirational. (And I constantly marvel at the word counts everyone strives for each day!)

In an earlier posting this month ( http://chrispavesic.com/2014/05/09/on-writing-writing-inspiration-from-other-authors/ ) I shared some advice from fellow writer Jim Butcher: “*NO ONE* can take your dream away.” I truly believe this and I hope that the readers of my blog do as well.

Perseverance is the key word of the day. Keep at it, keep writing, and do not give up.




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Twitter: A One in a Million Chance Happens Five Hundred Times a Day

With all of the new technologies available, I tend to enjoy “peeking behind the scenes” and learning more about how the companies function and the ways that they help users.

This is a presentation from TED by Del Harvey entitled “The Strangeness of Scale at Twitter.” Her job is to root out and protect users from activity on Twitter that might harm them. She discusses spammers, phishing, and the dangers of geodata. She discusses how she predicts disasters and the process she uses to design protections.

Harvey explains:

Given that I spend my days and nights imagining the worst that could happen, it wouldn’t be surprising if my worldview was gloomy. It’s not. The vast majority of interactions I see — and I see a lot, believe me — are positive, people reaching out to help or to connect or share information with each other. It’s just that for those of us dealing with scale, for those of us tasked with keeping people safe, we have to assume the worst will happen, because for us, a one-in-a-million chance is pretty good odds.


Harvey, D. (2014). The strangeness of scale at Twitter. TED. Retrieved from http://www.ted.com/talks/del_harvey_the_strangeness_of_scale_at_twitter/transcript#t-537353

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On Writing: Twitter Fiction

Glass Slipper

I do not have a Twitter account yet, but a friend of mine shared some Twitter fiction with me. I really like the minimalist ideas here: getting right to the core of the story in 140 characters or less.
So I thought I would share my first attempt. I have been reading (and writing) a lot of fairy tales recently, so this seemed like a natural place to start. This was fun to write. I hope that you all enjoy!

Cinderella: The Day After
He’s really not as handsome in the broad daylight so I think I’ll pretend the shoe fits too tight.

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