On Writing

On Writing: Some of My Favorite Blogs

The holiday season is here, and my family and I have a tradition of reflecting on our favorite things or events from the past year and sharing them with each other. Since this is a post on writing, I thought I would share some of my favorite blog discoveries from 2013.

Shannon pens a wonderful blog about writing full of both her experiences and writing tips, including ones that she has found elsewhere on the web. I have her posts sent to my email and they are literally the first messages I open. She has a warm, friendly writing style in this blog that usually ends up bringing a smile to my face.


Ky has an absolutely beautiful blog where she publishes information about her writing and other authors. She has a monthly billboard area that I think is terrific and a lot of fantastic artwork/photographs. The writing is terrific (and did I mention how beautiful the blog is?)


Morgan’s blog has namopowrimo and steampunk influences. (I am a big fan of steampunk!) It is not just the writing—it is the clothes, the jewelry, the artwork, and the other steampunk-style pieces that I tend to gravitate toward. Morgan has some gorgeous examples on her blog—especially the jewelry.

If you have any blogs or web sites that you would like to share, please comment. Include the link to the blog and what you like about it. (Feel free to post about your own blog as well!)

I look forward to learning about new writers’ blogs for 2014!

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