On Writing

On Writing: When Inspiration Strikes

Yesterday we had a power outage due to storm and ice conditions that preceded the cold snap. We have a generator to run the furnace, so we were able to stay warm, but it was a busy day and I had no time for writing. Of course, this is when my imagination started going into overload.
Picture the following: It is 5 below zero and the weather forecasts say we are headed for 20 below or more. The power is out. We have bundled up in sweaters, winter coats, boots, hats, scarves, and gloves. After running the extension cord to the basement, we are out in the garage setting up the generator and trying to get it started. In this middle of all of this action, I get a story idea (not about the cold ironically) and think about saying to my family—“Hang on for a minute while I go back inside and get paper and a pen. I have a story idea I need to capture. You chill out (literally in the freezing cold) while I get creative about vegan zombies.”

Not going to happen. I need to live with these people. (My family—not the zombies.)

So what do you do when you have a story inspiration strike at an inopportune moment? What happens when you don’t have a laptop, tablet, or even pen and paper handy to preserve your thoughts? Let me know via the comments and we can share ideas.

For me—I started sharing my idea with my family. I verbally detailed the entire storyline about the vegan zombies while we worked outside clearing snow and ice from the driveway. I don’t know if I will actually write it for publication; it may turn into a family-only story and a great memory that we can share.

On a side note–if the neighbors heard us talking in detail about vegan zombies, I wonder what they are thinking now?

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