On Writing

On Writing: Writing Inspiration from Other Authors

Magic and Book

Over the years I have collected quite a bookmark list of web sites by successful authors. I enjoy reading (and re-reading) them, and many times I will put their advice into practice.

Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files, gives this writing advice in “The Most Important Thing an Aspiring Author Needs to Know:”

Writing is a LOT of work. Breaking into the industry is a torment worthy of the fifth or sixth circle of Hell. Face that. Expect it. Deal with it. It’s going to be difficult . . .

In fact, the vast majority of aspiring authors (somewhere over 99 percent) self-terminate their dream. They quit. Think about this for a minute, because it’s important: THEY KILL THEIR OWN DREAM.

But here’s the secret: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WHO CAN KILL YOUR DREAM. *NO ONE* can make you quit. *NO ONE* can take your dream away.

No one but you.

Jim Butcher provides a great deal of advice on writing in general, plotting novels, creating characters, and so forth. You can find more of his blog at the following:


(Disclaimer: I do not have any association with Jim Butcher or The Dresden Files).

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