On Writing

On Writing: Ideas Appear in the Strangest of Places



I decided to take the day off today just to explore and re-charge my energy. This is not something I do on a regular basis. (I generally work 7 days a week. Days off are rare!)

I took a day off just to explore last year in August and had an unusual adventure and discovered a pirate ship. (Being in the Midwestern United States, the fact that someone has a pirate ship in his/her backyard is pretty amazing.) You can read more about it here if you are interested:


This year I had a rather unexpected turn of events again. I did not run across any type of ship this time, but I did find a hauntingly beautiful statue in the middle of a field. I will share a picture of this at the end of my post.

I decided to visit the city of Monroe, Wisconsin. Monroe is known as the “Swiss Cheese Capital” of the United States, and many of the activities concern cheese making and cheese eating. This is also one of the towns that participated in the “Cows on Parade” charity event.

Cow On Parade

Cow On Parade

At this time, the town square also includes other animals.

Horse on Parade

However it does not include grotesque. To see this statue, I had to go outside the city limits.



On first sight this could be mistaken for a gargoyle, but the proper term is grotesque.

A gargoyle is an ornamental figure that conveys water away from the gutter of a building to prevent it from running down the wall. When an ornamental figure does not have a spout, it is referred to as a grotesque. Often demonic in appearance, grotesques add architectural interest and wield apotropaic magic (they are placed with the intent to ward off evil).

It is both eerie and beautiful and raises the question of “why?”

Why did someone place this statue where they did?

Since it is not near a building, it is not adding architectural interest.

So what type of evil could it be protecting against in the middle of that field?

This could be the start of an interesting story idea!

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