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The Beryllium Chalice


Recently I attended the Musa Anniversary Party where I met quite a few of my fellow authors. In a contest to win a copy of her book, The Beryllium Chalice, Iris Woodbury submitted a hilarious photo. She liked my caption the best and sent me a copy of the novel.

The Beryllium Chalice is a wonderful novel with a gripping story line. Flora, a dryad from Mount Olympus, Kytos, a battle-weary warrior, and Redwood, a fun-loving, randy satyr, are the only ones who stand between Olympus and the wrath of Hades. The trio must find and return The Beryllium Chalice from Hades grasp or all power and life will fade from the Mount. The three must find a way to band together in spite of their differences, or the God of Death will assume power over the entire world.

Woodbury’s writing reminds me a bit of Rick Riordan (author of the Percy Jackson novels) and a bit of Jack L. Chalker (author of the Dancing Gods series). Yet Woodbury has her own distinctive style of writing that makes the novel enjoyable to read.

Woodbury delves into Greek mythology with the storyline, but includes equal parts of romance, tragedy, and adventure. There are touches of humor as well. Indeed, one of the main characters, Redwood presents moments in the novel that are downright hilarious.

I enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading more of Iris Woodbury’s work!


You can learn more about Iris Woodbury at the following:


The Beryllium Chalice [72,000] – $4.99 : Musa Publishing

Flora the concubine, a soldier, and an oversexed satyr are all that stand between Olympus and the wrath of Hades. . . .

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