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Season Two Spire City Pre-Launch Party, or Why Orlando Bloom Is the Secret God of Steampunk Yet to Be

Last night I attended a pre-release party on Facebook for Season Two of Daniel Ausema’s Spire City. Many of my fellow Darkside Codex authors were also guests and we had several discussions about writing and the steampunk genre.

I would like to thank Daniel for hosting a wonderful party!

Daniel shared beautiful works of art done for Spire City by Worlds Beyond Art. You can learn more about their work  HERE.

We also had a spirited discussion about steampunk re-imaginings of other stories. Daniel brought up The Lord of the Rings as a work he would love to see steampunked. I thought Pirates of the Caribbean would be a natural one for the steampunk genre, and Nyki Blatchley and Eric Spannerman focused on the Greek Myths. During the discussion, I noted that all of these had one aspect in common: Orlando Bloom. He starred in The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Troy.
Eric Spannerman dubbed him “The Secret God of Steampunk Yet to Be” and the rest of us concurred.

You can re-visit our musings at

 The Spire City Pre-Launch Party



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