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What I Listen to When Writing

Last week when I shared a “What I Listen to When Writing” post featuring Warm Shadow, by Fink, Eric Spannerman commented on Facebook that he has been listening to Pink.  Her song, “Glitter in the Air,” is one of my favorites and I have been listening to it on repeat while working on my new novel, the sequel to The Caelimane Operation.

Eric is a fellow author whose book, Applied Natural Magic, preceded mine in the Darkside Codex.  You can learn more about him, and his writing, here:http://on.fb.me/1wD4kCe

I wonder what it says about the series if both of us are writing our sequels while listening to Pink?

You will see more of these “What I Listen to When Writing” posts in the future as I go through the drafting and revision process. As always, I hope the music inspires you to write!


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  1. Well, Chris, in my case, it says I’ve got heroine with a “enough cheek for someone twice her size.” While “Raise Your Glass” is decidedly non-steampunk, it does set a certain mood.


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