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Did Mark Twain and Charles Dickens Ever Meet?

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I really like this article! These are two of my favorite authors.

Dickens’s health may have played a part in his performance. Two years before Twain saw him perform in 1867, Dickens was in a train accident and never fully recovered. He toured with his own physician to monitor his health. It has been reported that he could not tolerate solid food and often subsisted on a liquid diet of sherry and raw eggs.

Airship Flamel

Mark Twain and Charles Dickens were arguably the greatest writers of the 19th century in America and Britain, respectively, and were certainly the most popular. Their careers follow a sort of parallel route as both used their stories to highlight the plight of the downtrodden, and both used the skewer of humor to deflate puffed-up authority figures. A question came up in a writer’s panel I once attended pondering whether they ever met. It turns out I’ve done a little bit of research into that very question.

I’m fascinated in instances of famous historical personages meeting, and the stories behind them. The famous photo of Nixon posing with Elvis in the Oval Office always comes to mind, although there are many other famous meet-ups in history.

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