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The Five Phases of Editing

I think a lot of writers go through this!

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Dear Loved Ones, Friends, Co-Workers and Fellow Planet Dwellers of the Writer:

I think it’s time someone explains why your Writer-in-Residence behaves like a sulking, caffeine-addicted mess during long stretches of time. In a word: Editing. Yes, it’s an ugly problem with no solution. The following are common phases of editing:

  1. Initial Edit/ re-write after the rough draft
    1. Mantra: “It isn’t that bad. I can fix this.”
    2. Signs: Normal dress. Bright eyes, slight concern.
  2. Fleshing Out the Story Draft
    1. Mantra: “Hey, this is really good. I think this just might be my break out novel.”
    2. Signs: Normal dress with the occasional day in PJs. Lost in thought. Nods often to themselves.
  3. Plot Hole Fixes Draft
    1. Mantra: “What the hell was I thinking? I suck. The book sucks. This will never sell.”
    2. Signs: Unintelligible muttering. Glossy eyes. Irritability. Throws laptop across the room.
  4. Razzle-dazzle Draft
    1. Mantra: “Oh Gawd! When is it…

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