Need a hobby? Don’t try Steampunk – it becomes an obsession.

It does start innocently. A few H.G. Wells books here, a few books by Charles Dickens there. Move into A.S. Byatt. Add a few peeks at some cosplay outfits and some awesome Pinterest boards. Find a book called The Difference Engine and innocently start reading. Before you know it, you are obsessed with steam.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Lunching at the Shingle Inn. My Tribe – and don’t I love them.

If your looking to dabble in an alternative subculture, I wouldn’t recommend the Steampunk community. If you are anything like me, Steampunk started out as an interest and my interest grew until it absorbed all my ‘free’ time. It’s taken over all my other hobbies, and a large part of my writing career. I started by wading in the shallows, and now I am too deep to ever find my way out.

It started so innocuously. I like Jules Verne. I like H G Wells. I had read ‘A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!’ and enjoyed it immensely. I had made friends with this lovely gentleman, Ged Maybury, on Facebook, and was reading updated snippets of his novel online. I was very taken with his style, and started hunting down more of this steam punk, in literature and online. The more I saw of it…

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