Steampunk Inspirations

Summer Steampunk Project

100_2374Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share some ideas that I have for a summer steampunk project.  This is a project I have been thinking about for a few years, ever since I saw the copper wire tree of life sculpture at the Milwaukee Art Museum pictured here.

I came across this store on ETSY called Art of Lighting and was inspired by his projects, particularly the following:


So I hope to work on my own steampunk version of the tree of life table lamp this summer, although with my vegetable garden duties it might stretch into the fall. (More than 500 tomato and green/red pepper plants have already sprouted in our small indoor greenhouse.  If they all live after transplanting to our outside garden and produce veggies, I will be busy!) I will update as I work with the design and document my progress.

I do have two electrical engineers in my family who will provide advice/a helping hand, so I’m fairly confident it will be safe to plug in when I am done. 🙂

All advice is appreciated.  Let me know in the comments below what you think.



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