5 Minutes with Tom Winton

TomThis is a chance to learn a bit more about Tom Winton, author of Forever Three and six other books.

Website: http://tomwintonauthor.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomWinton?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tom-Winton/206609429356346

About the Author

I started writing in my mid-thirties when I was asked to put together a few fishing articles for a newspaper. I still remember getting a phone call from a reader when the first one was published. It was from an older man I hadn’t seen in quite some time, and he said that he just had to let me know how much he enjoyed the piece and that I truly had a knack for writing. After those articles I didn’t write another thing for ten years.

What I love most about writing is the feeling I get after a good day’s output of words. When things go right, I always walk away with what I call “a writer’s high.” I feel really upbeat and my mood swings way up there near the top of its range. But when things don’t go well at the keyboard that’s a whole ‘nother story. I become my own worst enemy. Whoosh! I can be really tough on myself at times.

The toughest thing about writing is getting myself in front of my computer screen when I’m not in the mood.

The writer I most admire? Hmmm . . . John Steinbeck has to be near the top of the heap along with Hemingway and Pat Conroy.

My lifelong hero is Ernest Hemingway. If I had no choice but to live somebody else’s life, it would have to be his. Number one, I’ve always wished I had been born a few decades sooner, because I like living a simple life. And other than the Great Depression, Hemingway strutted his stuff during some awfully good years. Number two, think about it—writing in the mornings—fishing the Gulfstream in the afternoons—partying most every night with a super-interesting, diverse “mob” of friends—what could be better?

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be doing a lot more fishing.

When I am writing, I listen only to my muse. Sometimes he doesn’t feel like saying much, other times he won’t shut up. But either way, when I’m stringing words together I try to get as much out of him as I possibly can.

Favorite Novels: The Prince of Tides, The Bridges of Madison County (I don’t care what the critics said about that one), and, though it’s not a novel, I absolutely love Travels with Charley. I’ve reread that little book countless times.

Favorite Movies:
Without a doubt my fav is Gone with the Wind. There’s never been a movie that could touch it. When I was in high school, my girlfriend at the time had begged me to go see it but I really didn’t want to. I thought it was just a silly “girls” movie, but I pushed myself and went. Wow! Was I wrong! I walked out of that theater wanting to be just like Rhett Butler. Ha!

Modern convenience I can’t live without: They might not be so modern but as long as I have a pair of sneakers, blue jeans, a few tee shirts and sweat shirts I’m good to go.

I wish I could stop . . . going so carefully over my work when writing the first drafts of novels. It can be maddening at times—really maddening.

Advice to aspiring authors: Don’t worry about where the 50, 60, or 70 thousand words you’re going to need for a novel will come from. Just write one good sentence. Then write the next one. They will add up.


Synopsis of Tom’s newest novel Forever Three: For far too long author and nice guy Dean Cassidy has lived with the misfortune of loving two women at once. Over and over his heart has been stretched, wrenched, twisted, and bruised in an emotional tug-of-war.

Dean has loved his wife, Maddy, since long before they took their vows, but after 22 years he still can’t shake the memory of his childhood sweetheart, Theresa Wayman. And now things are getting worse. Suddenly, the torturous triangle is closing in on him like a three-sided vice.

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  1. This interview with Tom Winton is fascinating. Tom is so honest, and his views are very interesting. I really enjoyed reading this!

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