On Writing

On Writing: Good Things

Saturday was the first day I had a few minutes to sit outside and relax in the sunlight. After a long, cold winter in the Midwest, the first warm spring day is something very special. But the first warm spring day that a person can spend time outside is even better. I know that scientists say you can’t feel your body producing Vitamin D from sunlight, but at moments like this I believe that I can. Mmmhmmm.


This prompted me to start thinking about a few of my favorite things.
The smell baking bread makes about 30 minutes before it is done—heavenly. Putting the loaf on the dinner table and cutting it when it is still warm. Spreading a pat of butter on the bread and watching it melt. In those few seconds I am perfectly happy.

The first shower you take after being sick for a few days—I believe I can feel the warm water washing the germs out of my body and down the drain. Bye germs! You are not needed here.

Sitting on the living room sofa after a long day of spring cleaning. Everything is put away into its proper place.   The house has been vacuumed, dusted, and polished. I am tired, but I enjoy having a nice quiet place to sit and reflect on a job well done. It doesn’t last long—just until the next human comes in and brings something else to do/clean/sort with him or her—but for those few moments it is glorious.
Looking at a digital clock and seeing that it is 11:11. This always brings a smile to my face.
Doing something creative and knowing that I made something—knowing that this item would not exist without me.

Finding a book by a new author that I absolutely love and then realizing that he/she has written 6 or 7 other books. The anticipation of discovery within each of these books is wonderful. It’s like when I was a child a few days before Christmas and saw the wrapped gifts under the tree. I didn’t know what was in those packages, but I knew it would be something I would enjoy.
Listening to an old CD where I enjoy each song. I also love the fact that I can sing along to those songs—that I can remember all of the words—after not hearing them for years. (Sings “She’s a rich girl she don’t try to hide it diamonds on the soles of her shoes . . .”)
I like the very rare opportunities I have to sleep without worrying when I have to wake up.
I liked writing this post. I hope that it has made you think of some of the things that you enjoy and brought a smile to your face. Please share those thoughts below in the comments and continue the happiness.

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