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Interesting Reading Test!

Alice_drink_me John Tenniel 1865

The book I was tested on was Alice in Wonderland.

The test stated: You read 3,462 words per minute.
That makes you 1,285% faster than the national average.

I am not sure I actually believe this. I know I read quite fast and it is a children’s novel, but still . . .

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

Let me know your results. Please share below!

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  1. I got 272 words per minute, which is 9% faster than the average. I was a bit distracted and lost my place while reading it, but I know I read slowly, painfully so at times.


    • Hello Kara,

      I think mine was so fast because I know the book really well. There were 2 other books in their “test” that I also know and I got similar results. (I think they only test with 3 books.) I would love to take this type of a test with something that I have never read.

      You are reading 9% better than average, so I don’t think you are reading slow!


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