5 Minutes with Viki Lyn

Viki Lyn

This is a chance to learn a bit more about Viki Lyn co-author of Redemption and the vampire series: Orbus Arcana.


About the Author

What I love most about writing is creating imaginary worlds, weird plots, breaking the rules, and most of all writing about two people falling in love.

The toughest thing about writing is the dreaded sagging middle when my muse decides to take a vacation because I’m stuck on a plot point. Like they deserve a vacation!

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be a graphic designer and storyteller for role playing computer games. I’d make sure there was plenty of romance because that’s part of life, right. That’s why I love the Dragon Age series, where romance is an integral part of the story and not gender specific.

Other than writing, I am really good at teaching creativity. My alter ego is 3 Creative Alchemists – a site dedicated to honoring the creative spirit.

When I am writing, I listen to an eclectic mix of music from Bob Dylan, Supertramp, Duran Duran, Vivaldi, Jimmy Durante…

Favorite Movies: Lord Of The Rings, As Good As It Gets, Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI, Star Trek (latest version), Sense and Sensibility (any version!), BBC North and South (love Richard Armitage!).

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Helen Mirren and Meryl Steep

Favorite Sport Team: I was an avid San Francisco 49’er fan for decades and then I moved to Arizona. Now my team is the Arizona Cardinals. I believe in rooting for the home team!

Favorite Foods: Really, really good whole wheat, seedy breads…and citrusy desserts.

Modern convenience I can’t live without: Internet

Nobody knows that I voraciously read Japanese yaoi and have a collection of over 300 plus volumes.

I wish I could stop . . .playing endless stupid games on my iPad.

Best advice I’ve received: If you are going to pursue creative arts, then you better have the skin of an armadillo.

Worst advice I’ve received: Backlist, backlist, backlist…this advice has given more anxiety and writer’s block, trying to crank out a zillion books a year! I write at my own pace now. My fantasy and paranormal books are heavily researched and my plots take time to brew in my head. I don’t want to rush my process.

Advice to aspiring authors: There’s no magic formula for success. Write what you love and face the blank page with joy. And have fun!

Viki Pic


Thou shall not kill.

Archangel Raziel had no choice. He would break the Infinite’s commandment again to save his lover, Uriel, from a demon’s talons. Yet even the Infinite’s most trusted archangel cannot avoid punishment. Forced to go through the Cleansing, Raziel loses his memories and is renamed Izar, a Protector sworn to kill for the angels.

Find even more about Viki Lyn at the following: 


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