5 Minutes with Katherine McIntyre


This is a chance to learn a bit more about Katherine McIntyre, author of Stolen Petals.

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About the Author

I started writing when I was a kid. Like when you’re little and they ask you what you want to be when you grow up? My answer was always writer. While it took until the age of eighteen to write my first manuscript (a story that will never be read—trust me, it’s terrible), I wrote short stories, poetry, and came up with elaborate worlds, and plots for years.

What I love most about writing is the rush I get when I’m nearing the end. It’s this frenetic frenzy of typing and I get so sucked into it that I actually tend to snuff the landing on my first drafts. My husband’s always my first beta-reader and he calls me on it every time, because without fail, I always rush the ending. I get too excited to reach that final scene that’s so clear in my mind.

The toughest thing about writing is the rejection/criticism. While it can be beneficial and there’s plenty you can learn from both, they aren’t easy lessons. Your first beta-reader to rip up your precious manuscript, your first dozen full request rejections, publisher rejections, negative reviews, lack of sales—all of these things can be incredibly difficult to handle. You take hit after hit and yet if you want to stay in the game, you have to dust your pants off, slap on a couple band-aids and dive back in.

The writer I most admire is Jim Butcher. The dude has moxie and an excellent work ethic—two things I admire in a person on top of the whole writing schtick.

My lifelong hero is either fictional character, Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec—that’s my comfort show. Or in reality, I find heroes every day. Anyone who can survive what life slings at them and show up smiling with an open heart? You’re a damn hero in my book. Life’s tough, but people can truly amaze you.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be a business owner most likely. I actually love working with numbers and have a good natural understanding of business and marketing. I run a tea business, but split my attention between that and writing.

Other than writing, I am really good at massage. My day job is massage therapist and I went into that field for a reason. On top of the flexibility which I adore, I also just love working with people. I’m fascinated with the way the body works, and how it’s interconnected to the mind. While some folks struggle to feel distinctions on the muscles, finding knots and tight muscles came naturally for me.

When I am writing, I listen to whatever playlist I’ve concocted for the story. While I wrote An Airship Named Desire I listened to a lot of Abney Park, and while I wrote Stolen Petals, it was a blend of Clockwork Dolls, This Way to the Egress, and various electro-swing songs.

Favorite Novels: For me, it’s more like favorite series. My two most impactful from childhood were the Chronicles of Prydain and the Chronicles of Narnia. My two recent favorite series are the Dresden Files and the Kate Daniels series.

Favorite Movies: The Last Unicorn. I love and enjoy plenty of other films as they come out, but for the queen of five second obsessions, this is the only one which has stood the test of time. Great childhood flick about fighting for your goals and accepting the bittersweet outcomes with grace.

Favorite Foods: My favorite food changes by day (let me tell you, if I’m really craving guacamole and chips, or it happens to be a pizza day, that’s the best thing on the planet), so I’ll go with my answer for a final meal. When I went to Ireland a couple years ago, we went to this restaurant, Aunt Lena’s, which had been around for ages and got bangers and mash. Holy hell, it was the best hot meal I’ve had in my life. The mashed potatoes were swimming in piping hot gravy, and on top were apple and sage bangers topped with apple cider chutney. Needless to say, I fell in love.

Modern convenience I can’t live without: My laptop. While I can and still do write in notebooks as well, computers are essential nowadays for sending in submissions. Laptop preferable to computer, because I can do marketing with Netflix on in the background, or relocate to outside when I write on a really nice day.

I wish I could stop comparing myself to others in terms of progress. While I know where I want to be, even if I’m not there yet and other people happen to be, that’s okay. I’ve given this advice to people—that everyone’s walking down a different path, so it’s silly to hold yourself up to certain standards, but of course it’s much easier advice to give than receive.

Best advice I’ve received: I’ve read plenty of writing advice and motivational quotes, because sometimes I just need a pick me up. While I think a lot of writing quotes have prevalence and importance, I also think they vary based on stylistics and personality. Hence why I gleaned all of my favorite gems from Parks and Rec. While the show has nothing to do with writing, it has everything to do with ambition and chasing your dreams.

Advice to aspiring authors: This has been said a thousand times before, but I do think it has merit. Don’t give up. Writing is a craft, first and foremost, and like any craft, takes time and patience. When you’re getting the critique that X doesn’t work, and Y sucks, give yourself time to feel hurt, take a deep breath, and then try to learn. Chances are, even buried in the nastiest critique, you can find something to learn from—even if it’s simply what sort of beta readers you work best with. With any craft there are stages, and an apprentice doesn’t become a master overnight. Humility and an undying willingness to learn will be your best tools along the journey.


One man has swiped bounties from Viola, the Brass Violet, for years. Longstanding rivals, they’ve only had brief encounters, and if she had a choice, she’d avoid him entirely. When he saunters into her bar with an offer to work together on a job, the proper response would be to shoot him down and send him back to Shantytown. However, curiosity’s a wicked beast, and Viola needs to know why, after so many years of stealing her marks, he’d approach her now.

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