Something Wicked(ly Cool) This Way Comes

“A theatre performance can now be disseminated worldwide with astonishing fidelity” Michael Billington (2014) writes, and I tend to agree. “You have to make the theater inclusive,” Catherine Tate (2015) argues, and “lure people by getting them excited about a theatrical experience.” The technology that allows the Digital Theatre to stream live performances to our phones, tablets, and computers has taken us one step closer to another immortal line from Shakespeare, which I paraphrase here: All the world can be a stage—as long as there is Wi-Fi available.

t2-macbeth-86851963_151116c“Let’s stop pretending that theatre can’t be captured on screen,” Michael Billington (2014), theater critic for the Guardian, claims in support of England’s National Theatre Live project, which broadcasts live productions to cinemas in the UK and Ireland. There are even some venues in the US that show the live broadcasts, although they are scattered far and wide. For those who do not live near one of these theaters, seeing the productions would still be somewhat out of reach except for the newest addition—the Digital Theatre APP. With this new technology, fans can see performances by their favorite actors/actresses heretofore only readily available to those who lived in Great Britain or had the means for international travel on a regular basis. And the performances by such notables as David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Richard Armitage, and David Morrissey, are stunning . . .

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