June Garden

June is a very busy month for gardening.  I thought I would share some of the pictures of what it looks like just after planting.  You can see Eugene, our guard falcon, hanging over the plants.


We started all of these plants from seed in the small containers and then transferred them to the larger boxes.  We have actually harvested radishes already–very rare for so early in June.  The weather has been very weird this year with wildly varying temperatures.


The types of plants the bunnies find irresistible we plant on our deck in containers.  Our house has an upper and a lower deck.  The upper deck is dedicated to plants.


The plot behind the wire fence has zucchini and summer squash hills.  It will get rather wild in there as the plants start to grow.  Bunnies will generally not eat the squash leaves or flowers, but they have been known to nibble on the vegetables.  They don’t eat them–just nibble out of boredom.  Fortunately the fence discourages them enough that they don’t try to dig under it.  But if the lettuce or the carrots were in there, the bunnies would get in and do some damage.  Hence the boxes on the raised deck.


The flowers are from the front yard, but, as you can see, the Evil Bunnies are everywhere!Bunny

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