Positive Writing Support

aidan-meyer-129877As we approach June, many writers will be participating in JuNoWriMo—a motivational writing group event dedicated to helping authors write a novel-length manuscript during the month of June. A similar support group event happens in November with NaNoWriMo. It is easy to sign up for these groups and participation is free. Writers encourage each other over social media—Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

Why is this type of support important? Because novel writing is very much a solitary event: It is just the author and his/her writing implement of choice desperately trying to get the words in his/her head out there for the world to read. This leads to a lot of isolation on the part of writers, so having a month (or two) during the year when you can spend time writing, being cheered on by other writers, and encouraging them in turn is priceless.

alejandro-escamilla-7There’s enough negative reinforcement from non-writers about writing to fill the rest of the year. Comments like “Do think people will pay you for that? Aren’t ebooks free?” or “Why not write something good like [insert popular series name here] instead of what you are working on?” My favorite one is “why do you waste your time doing that? Shouldn’t you be focusing on [an activity the speaker feels is more important]?” Because, of course, the speaker assumes that, as an adult, I simply do not know the “best” way to spend my time.


aaron-burden-123584Instead of focusing on criticsm, take this time to focus on what makes you happy—writing. Get those words down on paper or on screen. Spend your time the way that you want to spend it, and if you are looking for a social connection with another group of writers, join one of the many JuNoWriMo and/or NaNoWriMo groups on social media.

And keep writing. There are those of us who want to read your story!

Have any “memorable” criticisms of your craft by non-writers that you want to share? Leave them in the comments below!


Praise for Heart & Mind:

“The author has managed to weave an intricate web about being true to yourself. One shouldn’t be guided or led by others. Above all, feel the magic in your own heart. As the fairy godmother believes sometimes it is best not to mess with destiny.” –Chief, USN Ret…VT Town—a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon.com

Praise for The World In Front of Me:

“Picked up this short story because I noted it was previously published in Penumbra, which was a pretty high quality publication. And this story lived up to my expectations for a professional quality piece.

The story’s main idea reminded me a lot of the Lakeside community in Neil Gaimon’s American Gods, but I won’t say anymore about that for fear of giving away spoilers. But fans of Gaimon should really enjoy this story. Fans of strong women who make tough choices should enjoy this as well”—KSluss—Review on Amazon.com

Praise for Going Home:

“This is an excellent short story that is full of surprises for the reader. Martial law is about to be imposed in the colony.

A secret room, trips on a train and a clandestine meeting are all part of this superb short story.

Most highly recommended”—Off Grid . . . And Loving It—a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon.com

Praise for Wonderland:

“The writing is beautiful, the characters are complex and thoroughly developed and the story is fascinating. All of it together creates a world you don’t want to leave when the book ends. I am so glad I discovered this author and I cannot wait for her next book”—Mary—Review on Amazon.com

Read excerpts from all of the books written by Chris Pavesic on Amazon.

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