Summer Essentials: Water

Water keeps your body working properly. Humans lose water throughout the day in a variety of ways. If the weather is hot, people lose fluids even more quickly.

How much water a body needs on a daily basis depends on many different factors. The best advice is to talk to your doctor if you have questions. Sources like WebMD recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day but also caution that exercise, health, and environmental factors can increase these amounts.

Remember–the skin of the human body is 64% water. Being properly hydrated can make a difference in the health of your skin.


What to do if you don’t like the taste (or lack thereof) of water? Try water infused with fruit. I happen to like limes. It’s an incredibly easy recipe. Slice the fruit and toss the slices into a pitcher. Fill the rest of the pitcher with water. Add ice or chill for a cool, refreshing drink. Use an extra slice of lime as a garnish.

Helpful Hint: The pitcher with the lime slices can be refilled with water at least three times in a day before the limes start to lose their flavor. So once you drain the pitcher, just add some more H20!


Praise for Heart & Mind:

“The author has managed to weave an intricate web about being true to yourself. One shouldn’t be guided or led by others. Above all, feel the magic in your own heart. As the fairy godmother believes sometimes it is best not to mess with destiny.” –Chief, USN Ret…VT Town—a Top 500 Reviewer on

Praise for The World In Front of Me:

“Picked up this short story because I noted it was previously published in Penumbra, which was a pretty high quality publication. And this story lived up to my expectations for a professional quality piece.

The story’s main idea reminded me a lot of the Lakeside community in Neil Gaimon’s American Gods, but I won’t say anymore about that for fear of giving away spoilers. But fans of Gaimon should really enjoy this story. Fans of strong women who make tough choices should enjoy this as well”—KSluss—Review on

Praise for Going Home:

“This is an excellent short story that is full of surprises for the reader. Martial law is about to be imposed in the colony.

A secret room, trips on a train and a clandestine meeting are all part of this superb short story.

Most highly recommended”—Off Grid . . . And Loving It—a Top 500 Reviewer on

Praise for Wonderland:

“The writing is beautiful, the characters are complex and thoroughly developed and the story is fascinating. All of it together creates a world you don’t want to leave when the book ends. I am so glad I discovered this author and I cannot wait for her next book”—Mary—Review on

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