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Since I rarely wear foundation, I tend to invest my time and effort into skin care. (Actually that’s important even if you wear foundation. But I digress . . .) I want my skin to look its best and that means using high quality products.

Not all of these products are expensive. Some of my favorites come from ELF, Ponds, or Soap & Glory. A high price does not always equal high quality.

One product that is both high quality and rather expensive is L’Or Make-up Base by Guerlain. I tried it after watching Tati Westbrook’s review on YouTube, and after a few days I noticed a real difference in my skin. I did not observe the “lift” effect she discussed.  Instead, I found that my skin felt smoother. The dry patches were not as rough. The red areas and fine lines were less noticeable.

Formed in 1828, Guerlain is one of the oldest and most respected cosmetics companies in the world. Their products are expensive. (The L’Or gel contains 24-carat gold flakes after all!) But you do not need much product to cover your entire face and neck. I use two pumps a day, and I use it most days of the week. The first one I purchased last November lasted well into April. I am about half-way through the next one and it should last until next November. (Those who are familiar with the Sephora VIB sale dates should realize the pattern here!)

The jar contains one ounce, but since it is a pump and a glass container, it is difficult to use all of the product. This is where the low-priced Spatty comes into play. Instead of wasting/throwing away the product when the pump no longer works because the volume of product is too low, use a longer spatula to reach the reminder of the gel.

The company estimates that you will get 25% more product from a jar using the Spatty.  I think that percentage is a bit high: I did get 10 days more use from the L’Or gel after the pump no longer worked, so the $5 I paid for the Spatty is worth it. Plus, since it is easy to clean, I can use it for other products.

What high-end skincare products do you use? Which ones are “worth the splurge?” What low-end products/tools do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

Notice: This is not sponsored. All products have been purchased by me.

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