IMG_1527.JPGTo end the week I thought I would share a post that updates products I mentioned in past blogs. These are favorites that I have used for months, if not years. When I  blog about products, I try to review items that I have used for quite a while. Unless it is an unboxing style of post, I have a good idea of how these products work and if they work for my skin type (fair, sensitive, and dry). This means that I am not the fastest blogger with new products, but I like to think I’m providing enough information for you to judge if the product will work for you. I have blogged about some of these products in the past. Check out my posts on Physician’s Formula and Tarte. Today I will focus on ones I haven’t discussed previously. IMG_1528

The BECCA Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powder is a water-resistant, pure mineral foundation that provides buildable coverage for a lightweight finish. It has antioxidant ingredients including vitamins A, B, C and E for anti-aging benefits. I like the fact that it comes in a variety of shade ranges including fair–which works for a cooler under tone–and light–which helps those with a warmer under tone. The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector comes in a variety of shades. The Opal works best for me, but it also comes in the following colors:

IMG_1530Pearl: A soft, luminescent white Moonstone: A pale, incandescent gold Rose Gold: A rosy pink with warm-gold undertones Opal: A neutral, white gold with soft pink undertones Champagne Pop:  A soft gold with pinky peach undertones Prosecco Pop: True, ethereal gold Topaz: Radiant bronze with golden undertones Vanilla Quartz: A creamy, buttery light gold shade infused with pink pearl

If you purchase one, I recommend getting the trial size first. Since you only use a few dabs of the product, it will last longer than you would think! I purchased mine on Hautelook for about half of the price, so definitely check for sales. BECCA is a cruelty-free brand. IMG_1534

The ELF Smudge Pot cream eyeshadow is very nice to sweep over the eyelids for a pop of color. I find that it is best applied with a finger rather than a brush. It’s enriched with Vitamin E and is both Vegan and Cruelty-free. I think it works just as well as the Maybelline Color Tattoo creams that I reviewed earlier this year, and is less expensive. Right now the Smudge Pots are on sale for $1.29 on the ELF online store. IMG_1532

I received the Dior Show mascara as a gift-with-purchase and it has become one of my favorite products. Many mascaras that I have tried in the past tend to “flake off” during the day and leave little black specks under my eyes and on my cheeks. This mascara doesn’t flake. It is not waterproof, but it does last 12 hours or more on my eyes. It doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. It is supposed to have a rose scent, but I have not noticed this. (Of course I’m not in the habit of sniffing my mascara!) I have already purchased one for a backup.

The Dior Fix It 2-In-1 Prime & Colour Correct sticks are some of the best products from the brand in my opinion. They can be used on the face, eyes, or lips for targeted correction of color imperfections. The center of the stick features a formula enriched with a soft-focus, full-coverage powder to produce an even and perfected surface for the skin. A quick note for people who have never used a product like this–the products blend into the skin. You do not look like you have green or yellow “scribbles” on your face. The trick is to apply just enough so that the color perfector reduces the red or dark colors without being obvious. IMG_0433I rarely wear foundation, but I do like to put the green-colored stick on any red areas and the yellow-colored stick under my eyes to cover up dark circles. I will occasionally tap a concealer under the eye as well and the Dior Correct stick helps the concealer to apply smoothly and keep from creasing. These are more expensive than other color-correcting products, but Dior has sample kits (with very generous samples!) that you can try. I picked one up at Sephora before I chose the two shades that work best for me and my skin tone.


Soap & Glory is one of my favorite brands and I happen to love the names of their products. You can read another review about some of my favorites here. The Kick Ass Super Blur stick applies smoothly and leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother. It is perfect for under foundation or under concealer. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I use it to smooth over any dry patches on my skin before adding powder, concealer, or foundation.

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I purchased all of the products discussed. So what are some of your favorite products? Let us know in the comments below.




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