tobias-winkelmann-384719Today I wanted to share with you a few items that I am close to finishing or ones where I have hit “pan.”  If you are not familiar with the term, the pan is the metal tray base of pressed powders like eyeshadow, blush, or finishing powder. This even refers to products which don’t have a pan, such as liquid foundation, tubes, or bottles of skincare.”Hitting pan” simply means that you have used up a product. Some people refer to this as a “Project Pan.” However, this is something I have done my entire life, not just for one or two products. Unless something bothers me (allergies), goes bad (even if I am using it every day), or it is the wrong color/formula for my skin, I use it up. (I will pass items that are the wrong color on to my friends or sister-in-law.) Perhaps that has something to do with growing up in the Midwest. You spend money on it, you use it! I also want to update you on a benefit from a product that I reviewed recently but I am not even close to finishing.

e.l.f. Illuminating Palette

I purchased this during an ELF haul last spring. This is not a simple highlighter pallet. Each color can be used in different areas to make the whole face glow. The colors are subtle and don’t contain glitter, which makes it a different feel than a regular “high-beam” highlighter. The powder has a nice, soft, luxurious texture and looks lighter on the skin than the e.l.f. Contour Palette. The quad works well as an eye shadow palette, blush, face powder, contour, and finishing power. If you are traveling and limited on space, it is an all-in-one style pallet that you can just grab and go. I have “hit pan” on this and I have noticed that the powder is “grittier” than it used to be, so I am retiring the palette. Yes–I will repurchase the next time I order from ELF.

Pixi Rose Caviar

Pixi Rose Caviar isn’t “real” caviar, but it is supposedly similar in texture. Inside the little “eggs” are flower oils that have been encapsulated. Rose oil, anise extract, and mulberry extract are part of the formula, which Pixi claims will restore hydration and deliver major brightness. And rose is actually an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, and an antiseptic. I used this every other day since September. You can see that the “gold” writing has completely worn away. It is not finished yet. I am the type of person who will cut the top of the tube away to scoop out the remainder of the product. (I seal the tops with alligator clips.) This has a wonderful smell after being applied to the skin. The scent is not overwhelming. It disappears after about one minute. After using this essence, my skin appears a little clearer. Some areas of redness are reduced. I have dry skin, and this has helped reduce dry patches. I will repurchase.

IMG_0387Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment

I know I reviewed this last week, but I had to add an update. Normally I need to use a sugar scrub on my lips every three to four days. Since I started using this as my nighttime lip treatment, I have not needed a lip scrub. This is just about one month without any dry, flakiness on my lips. I am amazed. Have you “hit pan” on a product recently? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I purchased all of the products myself.




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