Unquiet Dead


The Unquiet Dead is now available at Amazon in Kindle and Print: Click Here

I’m excited to share Catherine, Devyn, and Benedict’s story with you. Want to know more? Take a peek here!

Changes: You may have noticed a few changes to my website. I’m always working behind the scenes to make this a better, more interactive experience for my readers. Please take a few moments to look around. Let me know what you think!

Special Treat: For readers who enjoy my cooking posts, I have been featured in two cookbooks: The ABCD’s of Cooking with Writers and Sweets & Treats for Someone Special. Both cookbooks are available for FREE on my website in my new “Freebies” section. You can download them in .mobi, .pdf, or .epub versions.

Extra Special Treat: Along with my regular bi-weekly posts, I will be sending out an occasional newsletter.

Here’s what to expect as a subscriber:

  • Emails from yours truly sharing publication and event news, including updates, ARC opportunities, new trailers, contests, and giveaways.
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  • A visit to the virtual kitchen.

Free Loot/Swag: Subscribe today and get a free planner download. Find the Time for Writing.

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Thank you for joining me on this writing journey!



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