Traveler's Zone Announcement-2


Sings out loud “I’m so excited* …”
Be thankful you aren’t here. My singing voice is terrible.
But I digress …
What has brought forth this burst of musical misadventure? Launch day for the Traveler’s Zone trailer, Book 2 in my Revelation Chronicles series.
Did you know when the Avengers: Infinity Wars trailer hit the internet, it was viewed 230 million times in 24 hours?
Would it sound silly to say I’m hoping to top that number? It would? Well—O.K.
I think you need to be a bit silly to be a writer!
Whatever number I reach will be absolutely perfect. Because it means that you, my readers, are interested in continuing the journey with Cami, Alby, and L.G. You want to delve further into the Realms. Learn new skills. Go on new quests. Face even greater foes. Play the game.
So if you want a glimpse about what happens next in the story, click the play button.

Pre-order available at

Or at Smashwords:

*With apologies to the Pointer Sisters.

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