Traveler’s Zone

The Revelation Chronicles Book 2

In Starter Zone Cami kept herself and her younger sister Alby alive in a post-apocalyptic world, facing starvation, violence, and death on a daily basis. Caught by the military and forcefully inscribed, Cami manages to scam the system and they enter the Realms, a Virtual Reality world, as privileged Players rather than slaves. They experience a world of safety, plenty, and magical adventure.

In the Traveler’s Zone magic, combat, gear scores, quests, and dungeons are all puzzles to be solved as Cami continues her epic quest to navigate the Realms and build a better life for her family. But an intrusion from her old life threatens everything she has gained and imperils the entire virtual world.

Time to play the game.

Traveler’s Zone

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Wonderful world building and filled with twists. Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ll love the journey this story takes you on!” –Award-winning YA author Sharon Ledwith

“The characters are what remains of a close knit family, grinding in a game to make a life for themselves. Danders abound especially now that they are about to leave the introductory zone and enter the travelers zone…can they make it? Will old allies become enemies? Will their abilities be enough to make it? Will their secret be revealed? Listen and find out.” –Mary Karowski, Audible Listener

“I like my LitRPG to be character driven, heavy on the world-building, and light on the stats, and this book served up all that and more.”–Heather Y., Audible Listener

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