The Chiaroscuro Chronicles Book 1

Experience the first novel in the intriguing realm of Chiaroscuro. In a world of steam-powered technology and magic-wielding fae, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill a series sure to delight fantasy fans everywhere.

When the Temples north of Chiaroscuro are burned and followers of the Sun Goddess are murdered, Catherine, a bard of the Ealdoth Temple, sets out to find those responsible and to bring them to justice. With only the help of a traveling group of minstrels and a retired fae investigator, Catherine must solve the mystery before more people are killed.

So saddle up your clockwork mount, buckle on your electro-dagger, and join Catherine as she finds herself pitted against members of her own Temple, rogues members of the Seelie Court, and a seemingly unstoppable army of undead.

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“I can’t believe a book was written that took all my favorite genres…’s like a Fandom Mash-up!  The story line, the mixing of the Fae (Seelie Court), Steam punk and undead, and Goddeses had my head swimming. It’s an excellent first book of a series and I can’t wait to see where it goes. The narration is EXCELLENT. I’m thinking of adding this narrator to my list.”–Lilydawn, Audible Listener

“This was a nice read/listen. Using zombies and airships in the same book is a good way to get my attention. The story was interesting and the performance was good. (English accent)”–Michael Richardson, Audible Listener 

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