Finish Line: March 2019 Check-In

This is a check-in post for products I panned (used up) in my 2019 low buy year. If any of you are interested in doing a no/low buy year, or even a no/low buy month, let me know in the comments below. But don’t just say that you are doing it. Provide some detailed rules.

I want to know what you are allowed to buy and what you are not buying. Are there any exceptions? Do you have any wiggle-room or loop-holes? It’s the start of a new month, so it can be a great time to start a new challenge. But make it your own. And make it something realistic–the kind of challenge you can rise to and take on.

It’s hard to break a habit of any type, even ones that don’t serve our better interests. So let’s support each other on this journey.

The category for me this month is skincare. This is an area I tend to overbuy because I have dry skin and live in the midwest. Rapid changes in temperature and weather conditions make it difficult to retain balance in my skin. In 2017 I found many wonderful products that helped and I purchased “back-ups” so I would not run out. Then I would find another wonderful product, put what I was using aside, and purchase “back-ups” of the new product. And then something else crossed my path and the cycle continued. So I’m using up what I own (and any samples that have come my way) before I purchase any more products.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is sponsored. I purchased all of the products or received samples with my purchases.

Smoothie Star Body Buttercream

This body-cream lasted approximately one month of continued use. (A little goes a long way!) It generally sells for $12 to $15 US, although you can usually find a buy-one-get-one-at-some-percentage-off sale. The first two ingredients are water and glycerine, but it also contains shea butter, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil (along with other moisturizers). The scent notes are sweet vanilla and almond.

Although the scent is noticeable upon opening and applying the product, it does not stay as strong upon the skin. It fades out wonderfully throughout the day, leaving a rather light, bakery-fresh smell. Soap & Glory makes body milks that are lighter than this formula. So if this is too thick and rich for your skin type, but you like the scent, the brand has you covered.

Will I purchase it again? Yes. This is a product that I have purchased on multiple occasions. It is perfect for winter-dry skin. In the summer I like the body-milk version of this product for my arms and legs. I have at least one of those in my stash so you will see it in my reviews later on this year.

FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

And onto samples. I tried this sample that I received  months ago and I am extremely impressed. After one use (I actually got 4 uses out of the sample) my skin felt smooth and well-hydrated.

A member of my family (who almost never comments on my skin or makeup unless I directly ask) said after the first application: “You look terrific today. Are you using foundation?” (I wasn’t.) So yeah, this is something I wanted to rush out and buy immediately. But I didn’t. Because I have other products (and samples) in this category, I won’t be purchasing this until I run out.

The product is filled with  oranges, lemons, and clementines. Honestly, it smells more like apricot to me than those other scents. In other words–it smells absolutely wonderful.

Will I buy? Yes–a definite YES. I may even ask for it for my birthday (which in my rules doesn’t count as a purchase.) We’ll see. Normally I ask for books for my birthday, so my family would be shocked to find something different on my list!

Even as I write this, though, the “birthday-wish-list” feels like a cop-out. Because if I received it, I would either start using it right away and ignore the other products that I already own (and run the risk of them expiring), or have to set it aside until I finished them. There’s a chance that the new product might go bad while I’m waiting to use it.

And if I had it here, would I give those other products a fair shake? Or would I simply try to use the other products as fast I as could to get through them? And maybe miss something in this helter-skelter plunge to the “finish line” that I might enjoy because I wasn’t fully paying attention?

(As I wrote this I decided to call this article series my “finish line” check-ins for reporting on products I have panned.)

So I  won’t put it on my birthday wish-list. But it is on my own “to buy” list when I can within the rules of my low-buy.

So that’s it for February for items I have #panned. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about these products or if you have used them in the past. I would especially like to hear more about the FRESH brand since this product has sparked my interest. Good luck!  




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