Recently I had to bid farewell to some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. Makeup does not last forever and some of the ones I had purchased in 2016/2017 were not performing the way they used to–which means it was time to say goodbye.

Powder products tend to last longer than creme products, but all makeup expires.

My low-buy rules let me replace items, but I am also trying to cut back on the number of items I own. Instead of buying a bunch of palettes curated by someone else, I decided to take advantage of ColourPop’s BYOP (build your own palette) option and purchase colors I know I will like and use. The fact that they were on sale (more than 50% off) was a bonus.

They arrive individually wrapped. I don’t like the extra packaging, but understand why they use it.

In case you were wondering, my palette is 2/3s matte shades and 1/3 duo chrome. All of the colors work well and blend easily. ColourPop is an inexpensive brand, but provides a good quality product. Are there better quality products on the market? Maybe. But I am not looking for something that provides 24 hour wear time. If the shadows stay on my eyes for 10 hours or so, I’m happy. And these certainly outlast a typical work day!

The fact that Colourpop makes everything on site is one of the reasons I decided to purchase products from them. They have total control and do not outsource their lab work, so the buck stops with them. If you follow makeup/cosmetics on social media, you may be aware of a recent issue where lipsticks were sold (allegedly) with mold and yeast spores, threads, tiny plastic balls, hair, and bits of metal in the products. The brand owner blamed the lab and claimed she would be switching labs for future releases. As of this posting, she did not take full responsibility. I’m not going to name the brand because I’m not trying to rake up drama, but a simple Google search for “lipsticks” and “hairs or bumpy” will satisfy your curiosity.

Back to ColourPop, who proudly features footage of their labs on their YouTube site. People wear hairnets, goggles, masks, lab coats, and medical-grade gloves. This is the way a lab should be run–at least in my opinion.

What I Like

I was able to choose my own colors.

The physical palette can be reused. And the design is gorgeous.

The quality is amazing for the price.

The corporate ethics and manufacturing process seem solid and responsible.

What I Don’t Like

Individual packaging on each eyeshadow for shipment.

They didn’t have a matte white in stock when I ordered. (Yeah–I know this is a minor complaint!)

Overall–A very positive experience. I will order from them again.

Disclaimer: I purchased all products. This is not sponsored.

eBooks and Print also available at or wherever books are sold.


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