June 2019 Finish Line

This entry into the Finish Line series for June, 2019 focuses on skincare. (I find it difficult to “pan” any product other than skincare.) And there’s a shocking twist, which has been happening more often than not in these posts. Intrigued? Read on.

I received this sample of Lancome Absolue Night cream when I purchased my Clarisonic. Because I had so many samples along with full-sized bottles of night cream, it took me awhile to get to it. I also was trying a variety of day creams and only wanted to change one product at a time. So I stuck with my regular night-time products until that day cream experiment ended.

Before trying the product I checked it out on the Lancome website. It wasn’t a sample size, as I originally thought, but a full-sized jar of the cream. It sold for $192.

To quote Dick Grayson from the 1966-1968 Batman series: “Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods!” This bonus-product actually cost more then the Clarisonic I purchased.

My first thought was “what could make it worth so much money?” My second thought was, “Wow. This was in my vanity drawer for months. Just wow.”

So I tried the night cream and it was the best I have ever used. My skin felt wonderful, smooth, and any dry patches completely cleared up. I didn’t need to use serums or nourishing oils at night. I put on this product and let it melt into my face. (It is very thick.) And I was done and ready for sleep. To quote myself: “Wow. Just wow.” This simplified my routine and I was well-satisfied with the results.

After finishing the product, I had a choice. Could I wrap my mind around paying for that expensive of a product? It was more than twice the total cost of the 3 products it replaced in my nighttime routine. Before I could make a decision, I checked out the Lancome website again to be met with this shocking twist:

Honestly I don’t know how to feel at this point. I didn’t even get to make the decision. But gone is gone.

So the search for the perfect night cream will continue. Hopefully I can find one that works the same but with a more budget-friendly price. To quote Batman again: “Stay tuned. Same bat-time, same bat-channel” as my skincare journey continues.

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I purchased all products discussed.

Additional Disclaimer: I’ve been reading a lot of works by Frank Miller recently and I’m slightly obsessed with Batman.

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