Dairy-Free Orange Sherbet

This Orange Sherbet can be made with regular milk, but I prefer the dairy-free version. I use coconut milk because it picks up the flavor of the orange and lemon better than almond milk. (The almond flavor could override the citrus flavors.) If you have a suggestion...

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June 2019 Finish Line

This entry into the Finish Line series for June, 2019 focuses on skincare. (I find it difficult to "pan" any product other than skincare.) And there's a shocking twist, which has been happening more often than not in these posts. Intrigued? Read on. I received this...

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Sandwich and a Smoothie

Looking for a refreshing meal to beat the summer heat? This healthy sandwich and smoothie duo has you covered. This Open-Faced Nut Butter Sandwich forgoes the jelly for fresh sliced pears. Ingredients: 1-2 slices of your favorite bread Peanut butter or almond butter...

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Cool Red White & Blue Cake for a Hot July 4th

My sister-in-law and I collaborated to make this gelatin dessert for a recent family get-together. One day we were comparing notes and realized that we both inherited the same recipe from our respective grandmothers. This must have been a very popular dessert back in...

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