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Treena Mui’s Sugar Cookies

In the second book of The Last Timekeepers young adult time travel series, The Last Timekeepers and the Dark Secret, Treena Mui attempts to soothe the time traveling troops’ appetites by baking them a batch of sugar cookies using her family’s secret recipe. The problem is she mistakenly used salt as the main ingredient instead of sugar. It really wasn’t her fault—all the jars were marked in Dutch. Poor Jordan is still trying to wash the taste out of his mouth!

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies

For the ones you love on Valentine’s Day

This is a new family favorite. I made these in place of my traditional Christmas Cookies this year, and have requests to make them for all upcoming holidays. For New Years I made an extra batch to store in the freezer for any time an unexpected guest visits, and they lasted about a day.

Super Bowl Snacks

Dominique Eastwick joins my blog today with a “twisted” taco salad called Roquamole.  Enjoy! ———— With my latest appetizer creation. Roquamole is an invigorating, and easy, twist on taco salad. This is the perfect dip to enjoy while cheering on your favorite Super Bowl team. ROQUAMOLE Photo by […]