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After scientists find a way to inscribe human consciousness on drops of water, chaos ensues. The wealthy escape to virtual realities while the rest of civilization falls. In order to survive, sixteen year old Cami scams the system and enters the virtual realms with her younger sister, where they find a life even more dangerous than the one they left.

Time to play the game.

Available September 25, 2017



wonderland cover

You may think you know her story.

You don’t.

Throughout her life Alice has faced fear and isolation, but she has never given up hope. In the City by the Bay she has one last chance to find happiness; one last chance to find friendship; one last chance to find Wonderland.

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Going Home1

When two travelers from the future make changes in the past, will either of them ever be able to go home?

Caelie and Weston have time-traveled to investigate what for them is the distant past. Although they face hardships, they prefer living in a world full of possibilities and new experiences rather than their own sterile, highly regulated era. As they become more comfortable with their new lives, they each start making changes to the time-line, but they face the real possibility that their changes might have altered the future when it is time to go home.

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TheWorldInFrontofMe_Ebook copy

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday Coretta faces a terrible choice. She can have a good life safe from harm—or be cast on a burning pyre and consumed by flames.

On the surface the choice is simple, but the price for safety is not one she is willing to pay.
To have a safe home, a family, and friends, would you yield up every sin, every secret, and every mental scar to another? Would you surrender your soul?

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Heart&Mind (2)

A princess with hair as golden as a sunflower and eyes as green as apples was blessed from birth to have beauty and power and to marry a prince on her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately for all concerned, there is only one eligible prince in all of the kingdoms, and before he agrees to marry the princess, he wants a magical guarantee that she will look a certain way, talk a certain way, and even think only what he wants. What is a fairy godmother to do?Sometimes a fairy godmother needs more than magic.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.45.19 AM

My short story “Sunset” is the featured work in the inaugural issue of The Magical Past, a magazine that features historical fantasy and offerings on the craft of writing.






No Longer Available Due to Musa Publishing Closing



4 thoughts on “Fiction Available 

    1. My new book, The Unquiet Dead, which is the first book in a steampunk mystery series, will be launching in March. Advanced copies will be available on Netgalley soon if you are interested in taking a peek. I am currently working on the sequel to Starter Zone and it will be in the hands of my editor very soon. I haven’t settled on a title yet. That is always the last thing I do when writing.
      Since I am having an illustrator work on the cover this time, I need to decide on that title!

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