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The Great Moisturizer Debate

Finding a moisturizer that works for your particular skin can be a very difficult task. A few years ago I tried Dior's Hydra Life Creme and loved the way that it made my skin look. It cleared up my dry patches (which is my most prominent issue) and did not irritate my...

Buy Makeup Responsibly

With Earth Day 2019 behind us, the statistics for the amount of pollution produced each year can seem staggering. But change on an individual (or family) level is possible. If we keep thinking that it’s too late to do anything, then it will be. So it’s time for...

Panning, PAO, and Other Makeup Quirks

A store can have a product on the shelf (or a person can have an unused product in his/her home) that is technically new (unopened) but several years old. Depending upon the type of product and the ingredients, a “new” product could expire in the jar or package without ever being opened.

March 2019 Finish Line

This entry into the Finish Line series for March, 2019 focuses on skincare. (I find it difficult to "pan" any product other than skincare.) It also has a bit of a twist--a new product that I did not purchase which has made its way into my possession. Plus there's a...

How Can I Be Allergic to Everything?

The thought “How can I be allergic to everything!” comes to mind when you try one product, react, try another, react, and so forth. But since sodium lauryl sulfate is in such a wide variety of products, and in varying amounts, narrowing down the culprit that causes your issues can be frustrating.

ABCs of Masking and Skincare

  Previously I discussed my reaction to the FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask. Spoiler Alert: I loved it. I had clearer skin after just one use. I got compliments on my complexion, which is sort of addictive. Who doesn't love compliments? But I digress...

Finish Line: March 2019 Check-In

This is a check-in post for products I panned (used up) in my 2019 low buy year. If any of you are interested in doing a no/low buy year, or even a no/low buy month, let me know in the comments below. But don't just say that you are doing it. Provide some detailed...

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