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Interview with Steampunk Author Kara Jorgensen: Creative & Professional Writing

Kara Jorgensen is an independent author with two highly successful steampunk novels—The Earl of Brass and The Winter Garden—and a novella—An Oxford Holiday—in her Ingenious Mechanical Devices series. Her newest novel, The Earl and the Artificer, will be released on January 30, 2016. But the publication of this novel is unusual; it also serves as the Master’s Thesis for her MFA in Creative and Professional Writing. Not only did Jorgensen have the clamoring voices of her fans demanding the next installment in the series when she was writing, but her thesis advisor adding pressure as well!

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Review: The Best of Spanish Steampunk

I received this anthology as a gift and opened it with a great deal of anticipation. Short, speculative fiction has been my favorite genre for many years and reading an entire anthology of steampunk stories would be a treat on a cold winter day. But as I read, I found myself to be puzzled: there were ghost stories, gaslight romances, alternate histories, and references to Victorian authors and their creations, but very few elements that reflect the steampunk aesthetic.


Alicia Joseph’s New Release: Loving Again

Dana Perkins lost her longtime partner in a tragic accident. Although she still struggles with the loss, her profound loneliness is evidence that it is time to move on. She knows her deceased lover, Casey, wouldn’t want her living this way. Dana begins her slow process of letting go, removing reminders of Casey from her house, and dating again.

The women she meets leave Dana uninspired and missing her deceased partner even more. Just as she is about to resign herself to the belief that she will never love again, Dana meets Emily Daniels, a married woman who is deeply conflicted over her attraction to women. Soon, the two women form a friendship that leads to deeper emotions. They discover that one moment in their past had brought them together in a way neither woman could have ever imagined. Is that one moment in time enough to let both women follow their hearts, or will they let their past continue to rule their future?


5 Minutes With Karissa Laurel

This is a chance to learn a bit more about Karissa Laurel, author of Midnight Burning. Website: http://www.karissalaurel.com Twitter: @karissalaurel Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karissalaurel Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/karissalaurel Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/karissalaurel Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0YLj4g3D About the Author The toughest thing about writing . . . I have a full time job, a boisterous […]

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In Praise of eBooks

I am proud to share today’s post by Carol Brown, who writes in praise of eBooks.  Enjoy!  Chris __________________________________________________ In Praise of eBooks As a voracious book reader, I have lived my life believing in the superiority of the printed book; then my beta-reader kindly gave me her […]

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Interesting Reading Test!

The book I was tested on was Alice in Wonderland. The test stated: You read 3,462 words per minute. That makes you 1,285% faster than the national average. I am not sure I actually believe this. I know I read quite fast and it is a children’s novel, […]