Goth Girl, Virgin Queen: A Spook-tacular Sale

Welcome to the 2-week blog tour for Goth Girl, Virgin Queen by JoAnne Keltner. Follow the tour and connect with bloggers, read reviews of the book, read guest posts, and meet the author.   Book Information:Title: Goth Girl, Virgin Queen Author Name: JoAnne Keltner Genre(s): Young Adult Paranormal Length: Approx. 298 pages Release Date: December…

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Why I resisted including romance in Keeper of the Dawn by Dianna Gunn

There were many struggles on the road to publishing my first YA fantasy novella, Keeper of the Dawn. One of the biggest struggles came when Lai, my leading lady, came out and told me she was in love with her roommate, a woman named Tara.

I immediately resisted the idea, though probably not for the reason you think. I didn’t care whether my character fell in love with a man or a woman. What bothered me was that she fell in love at all.

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